September 17, 2010

Just around the corner!

What to be, What to be??

Here is one of my favorites:
Pocahontas (sort of, more little cute little Indian girl)
(2nd grade)

Other things Ive been:
Pipi Longstocking
Witch (3x)
Cat (2x)
Fairy Princess
Cleopatra (2x)
a more fashionable indian
Rag Doll
I cannot remember the rest!

Soooo.... what to be?
Here are some of my ideas:

No, its not a Police Box, its a Tardis!
(Time And Relative Dimension(s) ISpace)
 yep, I wanna be a box!
and if you know anything about anything, Nick is thinking about being the Doctor.

Alice! Super awesome zombie fighter chick, comes with super human powers!
Plus I really want a pair of boots like those!

Xena warrior princess 
I just need a blonde friend named Gaby...

But honesty I most likely will go to the Halloween shops and buy a fun wing and wear that.
Done! Although it is fun to dream! 

And Happy Birthday (September 16) to Finn!

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