July 31, 2010

Garden Day!

Today was a lovely home improvements - gardening -harvesting day!
Here are some of the highlights:

About a few months ago I found a lost potato in the pantry and it had started to grow leaves. I applied the same avocado seed method to in and poked some tooth picks in it and stuck the tater in some water. A week later voila! it rooted and needed to be put in some dirty dirty dirt! Well what do I know, the thing started to grow like crazy and up until a few days ago it was thriving. A damn caterpiller fat mouth started to eat the leaves! Nick told me the jig was up and that I should just dig the taters up, so I did!
my lovely little purple potatoes! 
(forgot to mention the wonderous color)

Also I am now introducing The Hunn Vinyard! 
Grapes! Tons of them too but, they are way too sour right now to eat. 


These aren't for eating but I think they are cool...

Nicholas in lavender!

okay good enough!

July 29, 2010

New: Dress and Beginning!

Here is my latest! 
I cannot wait to make another one! 
It really needs pockets... 

Also, I deleted my old posts because I thought I should start new. 
This time Nick is not allowed to post either.
Sorry love! get your own blog...
if you want =)