September 1, 2010

Dresser Makeova'

Okay this was the dresser, purchased at Target like 2 1/2 - 3 years ago.
It is a lovely dresser, and I am a lovely destructor. 
It needed some TLC and spray paint!!!!

Flash forward....

Spray paint: I have no idea what this color is labeled 
3 things of molding: they are anywhere from 9-20 bucks each
(its cheaper than a new dresser!)
super strong glue: I used 'hard as nails'
a dude with a saw: I used Nicholas(my love)

I think you can pretty much figure out how I did this so, nuff said.
Instead lets dissect what is in the drawers!

Drawer numero uno:

brushes, pens, ect: yes, good, I need these things
Purse: leather
craft turned bad: its cotton, but it wont take to any dyes.... even lovely prochem dyes!
tea can: for use of storage, love love love storage
nick's birthday present: its a secret and its awesome!
Coffee can: i think im gonna put all my change in there and then become a millionaire 
b day car: from my parents, yeah im 21 now, no i probably wont ever drink
hanger: to hang.... 

Drawer Deux:

slightly boring must haves with an impressive collection of rulers. 
restasis was for my mums eyes, she got that lasik, and loves it
and i love the restasis containers, so great for making washes and keeping them!

Drawer 3:

Knitty-Yarn-Fiber drawer
Mostly half done knitting projects and a shnazzzzy show box.
pound of yarn: taken from my nanas house, she has all sorts of lovely materials lying around.
plastic bag: sad sad.... the ban on plastic bags was not passed?!?! i couldn't believe it. 

Final drawer:

mostly papery stuff and i am getting bored of this!
i love books and electricity! 

Monkey Approved.
and as you can see he has adopted a disguise, to keep his identity safe.
Cheers (was a terrible show)


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