August 8, 2010

Pink Paper Dress Unveiling!

Okay so like two weeks ago my sewing teacher comes up to me and tells me she has a friend that has a friend that is looking for someone to make a dress out of paper and she thinks of me! I get all the contact information and things get going. I met my client (i have clients!) at a Starbucks to find out all the little details that are nessa to make such a dress. Next thing I know I am at my trusty dress form creating the bodice.

yeah that's me in my pj's. 
anyways, here is the bodice, so far its just tape and newspaper.

Then I made a petty coat with newspaper!

but then, i went the paper mache route so here it is drying in the sunlight

After, I gessoed and glued and cut and crumpled. 
This is what came out of that. 
The pink is paper plates, the white is gesso, and the bluish-white is gift wrap

and after hours of cutting out the middle of paper plates and making tiny little dots this is what came out! Also I added some rad little gems for sparkle. So the bodice was pretty much done and I had like a ton of paper plate rim scrap so....

they obviously wanted to become the skirt. And who am I to deny paper plate rim scrap? 
My Client came over and tried it all on, and guess what? she loves it! Which is going to motivate me to get going and make accessories! 

Professional photos to come! 
Yeah were doing a photo shoot....

Amanda Hunny

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  1. Your dress is an amazing one! May I know how to make the back of the dress? It won't be possible to make a zip up style, I really wanna know the way to wear the dress. Could u advice?