August 3, 2010

New Project!

I don't want to share too much but I cannot keep it locked up either!
I'm designing and making a dress and matching tie/ cuffs for this sweet couple who are celebrating their first year of marriage. These clever newly weds did not want to exchange coupons or calendars but they knew it had to be something paper, which is the traditional gift to give on the first year. The Mrs. found this picture and BAM! she had the idea and knew how to make it happen.
They found me through a friend of a friend of a friend, as most thing go in my life. I love my friends and their choices in friends! Anyways I am taking a break in my madness to post a early picture of the dress, its just the 'bones' but it does give an idea of the silhouette and neck line.

I am gonna go fuller in the skirt. The newspaper is like the petty coat I suppose! I have ambitions of posting stages of the project and so far I have been good at snapping shots here and there with help from Nick. 

Better be off! 

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