October 13, 2010


Saddleback is a wonderificus school for offering a millinery class! 
First project is Buckram, which is a strongish material that is used inside of hats like: top hats, boaters, regency period bonnets, ect ect... but I am making a cloche (awesome flapper style hat for all you non-knowers). Here is my inspiration! 
Im totally gonna glam that up with beads and trims and also synthetic flowers and perhaps a bird or two?! Its pattern making time! =)

Also Nicholas (my love) is in town and we have so much planned!
Here is a little glimps:
Pumpkin carving, salmon alfredo, SD museum of art, bowling with vince and sugar bear, visit to Biola, birthday party for nicholas, tidepools, picniks, strolling about, suspender shopping and maybe a sundae or four...

Such a lovely afternoon!
also I don't wish to correct my spelling or grammar today.

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